Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Go Paperless - Save Trees & the Earth

One of the easiest ways to Go Green is to go Paperless. What am I talking about? Sign up for e-mail alerts for all your statements. I have been getting email statements from my CU for over 5 years, before "Green" was IN.

Anytime I have a chance I signup for e-mail statements. It helps by reducing the amount of paper used, not just in statements but envelopes and stamps as well. Not only that but it uses a lot of WATER to make paper and the runof is not good for the environment.

If you also sign up for EFT - Electronic payments then you save even more trees and money. You don't have to buy stamps or envelopes!

Another benefit, if you go paperless no one can steal your mail and then steal your identity or your cards, just a side benefit that is worth its weight in gold as CC fraud and Identy theft are the fastest growing crimes right now!


Rob Reed said...

You should also check out A paperless postal system online using street addresses.

swoboda said...


I checked this out, pretty cool, I think I may sign up myself and my company. Of course my customers and friends and family have to sign up to, but this looks like something that could actually work, I have a feeling the Postal Service is gonna be PISSED they didn't think of it first!!!!